Common Problems & Error Messages

Other Errors

"Wrong OS or OS version for application"

What it means in English: RESUMate cannot communicate with Microsoft Outlook.

This message indicates that you are using the 64-bit version of Outlook instead of the 32-bit version. That's the default that Microsoft installs on 64-bit systems, but some 32-bit applications like RESUMate require the 32-bit version of Outlook to be able to interact with your email.

Don't worry, the 32-bit version isn't any worse than the 64-bit version and you will not notice any difference in how Outlook or other Office applications operate. In fact, Microsoft itself recommends that you use the 32-bit version if you want any third party applications (like RESUMate) to work with Office:

Selecting Your MS Office Version

The linked article above contains instructions for installing 32-bit Outlook after you've uninstalled 64-bit Outlook. For reference from that article, RESUMate uses the 32-bit version of MAPI, which is why the 32-bit version of Outlook is required.

"Error opening database: Maximum number of users already have this database open"

What it means in English: More copies of RESUMate are currently open than your registration code allows.

Make sure that neither you or another person on your network has RESUMate open more than once. If the error persists, you can delete the .ldb and .lck files from your RESUMate data folder.

"The registration information you entered is not valid"

What it means in English: Your registration name or registration code do not match each other or the version of RESUMate you are using.

Primary Solution: First, make sure that you are copying the registration name and code exactly as they were sent to you. An extra space at the end, a letter capitalized when it shouldn't be, any small thing like that will cause the code not to work.

Second, check the version of RESUMate you are using. For example, if you have purchased RESUMate 15, that code will not work on RESUMate 16.