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Each month we offer 9 free online seminars designed to cover all of the features and functions of the RESUMate program.

Sessions begin at noon, Eastern Time USA, and lasts 30 minutes.  An optional Q&A session follows the 30 minute presentation. Click here for a PDF of the full July-August schedule.


Current Seminar Schedule
Week 1 – Getting Off to a Good Start
Mon, Jan 14th

Tue, Jan 15th

Wed, Jan 16th

1 – Customizing and Using Fields And Memos

2 – Customizing and Using Keywords

3 – Building Your File with Mouse Clicks Only
Week 2 – Working a Search Assignment
Mon, Jan 21st

Tue, Jan 22nd

Wed, Jan 23rd

4 – Searching Your Database

5 – Keeping Your Searches Organized

6 – Submitting and Tracking Candidates
Week 3 – Everyday Tasks in RESUMate
Mon, Jan 28th

Tue, Jan 29th

Wed, Jan 30th

7 – Daily Planning and Using RESUMate on the Phone

8 – Creating All Kinds of Reports

9 – Developing New Business
Free On-Line Seminar Signup
Please fill out the form below and select which seminars you'd like to attend. We'll e-mail you an invitation with a link to each one (don't forget to check your spam box). Please note that if the seminars you'd like to attend have already been done this month, you can sign up anyway and we'll send you a link to next month's.