Why This Blog?

Here at our website you’ll find complete information about all of the features and functions of the RESUMate program.

  • The Training & Documentation page gives detailed instructions on every function of the program.
  • The links for the Free, Lite, and Pro products contain very useful screen galleries that will quickly get you familiar with all of the screens you’ll see as you use the program.

This blog serves a different purpose.  Here, we’ll discuss how you can get the most benefit possible from the features that have been built into your RESUMate program.  It’s one thing to have a dialog box in the program called the “E-Mail Clipboard Copier”, but it’s something else altogether to understand how best to use e-mail blasts to get the recruiting results you’re looking for.

So this blog will deal with “why” questions rather than “how to” questions, which are all covered on other pages at this site.  In fact, our three opening posts will deal with this important topic of using your RESUMate database as the starting point for sending effective e-mail blasts for recruiting, marketing, and follow up purposes.

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