“Short Form Interview Questions” as a Standard Memo

With a very small amount of effort, RESUMate’s screens can be customized to look like custom software, developed just for you. Today, we’ll talk about customizing the candidate screen, specifically for the purpose of documenting an interview.

The right side of the candidate screen has been designed to handle “open-ended” text information. We use the word “Memos” to differentiate various kinds of text, such as the candidate’s resume, or notes you may make to document routine phone conversations with the candidate. In fact, “Resume” and “Notes” are standard labels for Memos that come pre-loaded with the program.

But there is one very important phone conversation that really requires its own place in your database record, and that is the candidate interview. Along with the resume, good, structured notes from an interview session are really the “gold standard” for information that will help you determine whether or not a particular candidate is a possible fit for any open position.

The key word in that previous sentence is structure. To conduct an interview, it’s helpful to have a preset, structured list of the most important questions that absolutely need to be documented.

For starters, having a pre-set list of questions makes it much more likely that nothing will be overlooked during this important phone call. You won’t have to play phone tag to go back and cover a topic that should have been included in the first session.

Equally importantly, having a structured list of questions means important pieces of information will always be located in the exact same place in the candidate’s record. Examples might be information about job change impediments, such as kids in high school, or elderly parents, or a spouse’s job that may make relocation difficult. You’ll want this information easily found, and not “lost” in a Notes memo that summarizes a variety of topics covered in phone calls over an extended period of time.

There is a particular feature in RESUMate that makes documenting interviews a snap. All that’s required is to create a Standard Memo in which a fill-in “template” (in this case a set of interview questions) is pre-loaded. It takes just a few minutes to create this Standard Memo, and once it’s done, your interview questions will appear in every record in your database, ready to be filled in by you, either during the interview itself, or possibly immediately after the interview call is completed.

We offer a starter form, but you can completely customize this so that it deals exactly with the questions you have found work best for you.

Below is an example Short Form Interview template. You can make your own template from scratch in Microsoft Word, or if you like what you see, just click here and you can download a Word document version of this form which you can then use in your own candidate records.


To add a template to your database as a Standard Memo, click the File menu in RESUMate and select Database | Tools | Settings.  On the Candidate tab, click the Add button at the bottom of the section called Standard Memos in the lower right corner of the dialog box.  In the next box, type “Short Form Interview” as the new Standard Memo title.

Answer “Yes” to the question asking if you want to create a template for the new standard memo.  In the text editor screen that opens, click the Insert menu and select File.  Then just browse to the folder location in which you have saved the file containing your interview questions.  From this point on, all of the records in your database will contain this new set of interview questions.

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