Scheduling Calls In RESUMate’s 1-Click Daily Planner

Every record in RESUMate has dedicated date fields.  You can use them to store information about the record itself (when the resume came in, when it was last modified), or you can use it to store information about the candidate or client (upcoming deadlines, etc.).  For day-to-day operations, however, perhaps the most useful thing to store is your next interaction, whether it’s a call, an e-mail, or any other reminder.

The nice thing about using date fields like this is that all you have to do is enter the date, RESUMate will make sure that you see it when you need to.  RESUMate’s Daily Planner will automatically keep track of any date fields you tell it to, so when a person or a company needs a call, you’ll see it coming without having to do anything.

Let’s take a quick example.  Here’s a record for a candidate in RESUMate (this works in the Free, Lite and Pro versions):


If you need to call Clare DuRussel next week, just click the date into the “Next Call” date field and forget about it.  Every time you open the Daily Planner, it checks your RESUMate database for records with upcoming dates in the Next Call field.  When it sees that Clare DuRussel has a date that’s coming up, it will automatically display it for you:


That’s it.  You clicked the date, RESUMate did the rest.

Of course, if you only had to worry about one person at a time, you’d hardly need to use a database.  The benefit comes when you’ve got to interact with dozens or hundreds of different people or companies.  Keeping track of all that in Excel or Outlook is possible, but it’s hard to do, and, worse, it’s all too easy for people to slip through the cracks.  The Daily Planner makes sure that nobody gets forgotten, and, unlike a traditional calendar (in Outlook or elsewhere), it only shows you dates that are immediately important instead of far in the past or the future.

If you’re using RESUMate Pro, the Daily Planner covers upcoming dates for job openings and client companies, in addition to your candidates.  That one simple action – enter a date – applies to all the different kinds of records, which produces a Daily Plan that covers every aspect of a recruiting operation:


The basic idea is the same as in RESUMate Free or Lite: all of your planned actions are on one screen.  RESUMate Pro is simply more comprehensive.

Obviously, this short blog post can’t go into the full details and step-by-step instructions of RESUMate’s Daily Planner, but this Monday (Dec. 14) is our regular, on-line seminar on just this topic.  You can read a full breakdown here at our site, or sign up for Monday’s seminar by emailing us at

Just a reminder: seminars are open to users of any version of RESUMate as well as prospective RESUMate users.

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