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Here at our website, you’ll find jargon-free descriptions of our products, training and technical support documentation, plus complete pricing information.

 What Is RESUMate?

RESUMate is database software designed specifically for recruiters.  It converts resumes into database records, stores notes, runs searches, tracks send-outs, and more.  It is developed and supported by RESUMate, Inc (that’s us!).

 Who Uses RESUMate?

We have thousands of customers, a few of whom are big famous companies, but most RESUMate users are independent recruiting firms or HR departments in small to medium sized businesses. 

 Why Should I Use RESUMate?

If you’re a recruiter, you need a good database program.  RESUMate is a great database program that’s both easy to use and fits any budget.

 How Do I Start Using RESUMate?

You can download and start using RESUMate Free right now.  Or you can purchase RESUMate Lite ($99) or RESUMate Pro ($295) here at our site.  A fully working demo version of RESUMate Lite and Pro is also available.

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RESUMate Free  $0

RESUMate Free is a searchable candidate database for solo recruiters.

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RESUMate Lite  $99 per user

RESUMate Lite is a searchable candidate database for recruiters who need to import large numbers of records from text resumes or spreadsheets.  The database can also be shared by multiple recruiters on a network.

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RESUMate Pro  $295 per user

RESUMate Pro is a searchable database of candidates, clients, and job orders.  It can be used by solo recruiters or shared on a network.

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Cloud hosting Is available for both RESUMate Lite and RESUMate Pro. Click Here for details.