Desktop or Cloud?

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How Many Desktop Users?

RESUMate can be run on a single PC or shared over a local Wi-Fi or wired network. Additional licenses are needed only for additional simultaneous users. For example, you do not need a second license to have RESUMate on both your laptop and desktop.

Configure Your Subscription

We offer two types of cloud user accounts, RESUMate Cloud and RESUMate Cloud-Office. Subscription types can be mixed and matched as you see fit. For example, you may want Cloud-Office for yourself while having a Cloud subscription for an assistant or data entry person. There is a one-time $49.00 setup fee.

Cloud Users

$44 / User

RESUMate Cloud is just that, a cloud accessible RESUMate database. It cannot interact directly with Microsoft Office, so some tools (e.g. direct Excel reporting, Outlook Email Log) are not present. Other than that it is identical to RESUMate Cloud-Office.

Cloud-Office Users

$69 / User

RESUMate Cloud-Office is a full work PC in the cloud, including Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word. Use your apps in your local Windows, Mac, or Chromebook desktop, or go fullscreen with a dedicated start button and taskbar.

Additional Telephone Support?

We provide 3 months of complimentary telephone support from date of purchase. After that, significant telephone support (training new users, installing or migrating to new hardware, and other non-RESUMate technical issues) requires the purchase of 1-year of telephone support.

E-mail support is always available, and phone support may be purchased at any time as needed. There is no obligation to do so today.

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