Upgrade to RESUMate 16

Upgrade to RESUMate 16

Upgrading your older version of RESUMate is a snap: installation takes just a few minutes and all of your data will automatically carry forward. 

RESUMate 16 doesn't mess with the basics - you'll feel right at home doing things like searching and keeping notes - but it does have a suite of new tools to help you navigate recruiting in 2021:

Upgrade to RESUMate 15

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RESUMate 16
$395 $345
$50 Rebate Through Fri, Jun 11!

  • LinkedIn Inhaler creates a complete RESUMate record from a LinkedIn profile in two clicks.
  • Commute Check shows you a Google Map of how far a candidate will be driving every day. (Great for temp agencies!)
  • Dual memo panes lets you see the resume and your notes from every record screen, no clicking to "open" a memo.
  • The Daily Planner keeps you up to date on every open job and active candidate all from a single screen.
  • The Groups tool lets you keep any kind of records together. Create groups from searches, imports, job openings, or manually add and remove people with just a single click.