Cloud or Desktop?

Cloud or Desktop?

We offer two ways to use RESUMate: running locally on your Windows PC or running remotely through our cloud service. RESUMate itself is identical whether running locally or remotely, so which option you choose depends on you and your business requirements.

The basic difference between the two options is (1) whether your data is stored on our cloud server or on your local PC, and (2) whether you pay an ongoing monthly subscription amount or a one-time payment for a lifetime license with no recurring fees.

RESUMate Desktop is Windows only. RESUMate Cloud works on Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS.

RESUMate Desktop

For local Windows PCs

With RESUMate Desktop, you store your database on your own local Windows computer and we charge a one-time price for a lifetime license for your copy of RESUMate. You handle security and backups.

RESUMate Cloud

For accessibility anywhere

With RESUMate Cloud, we charge a monthly subscription to store your database on our servers, allowing you to connect and use RESUMate from anywhere with an internet conneciton. We handle security and backups.

RESUMate is Flexible

RESUMate is Flexible

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