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RESUMate recruiting software is "innovative and very easy"


Quote1I have worked with RESUMate since 1993.

5/5 Stars
Ease of Use
5/5 Stars
Customer Service
5/5 Stars

Comments:  January 7, 2016
I have worked with the RESUMate product since 1993.  I have found it to be innovative and very easy.  I've had a number of companies solicit my company to use other products and sophisticated as some are, they were significantly more expensive to get 75% of the capability.

You must understand, that if you won't consistently input applicable information, you won't have the value.  We are big on historical statistical information to measure where we are and to set goals. We would like to get that from a single source.  RESUMate has satisfied 85% of what we are seeking.  We would like to be able to search in the applicant placement records.  I would like to customize reports directly from RESUMate.

I do have to tell you, that the service is exceptional.  If there is a solution, Chuck will get it to me.  I get callbacks on the day I make the call.  We use the Internet Databases and it may take two days or more before your call is returned.  That service is immeasurable!!  That is the reason that we will always use RESUMate.

Who else gives weekly classes?  Quote2

photo-32George JubertDirector, IT at ABT Solutions  |  Orlando, FL

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Our customers have given us a 5-star rating on Capterra, a leading directory of business software, for Ease of Use, Customer Service, and Overall Satisfaction.


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