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RESUMate recruiting software is "old school simple to use"


Quote1RESUMate is AMAZING... changed my business.

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Comments:  January 13, 2016
I searched through nearly 10 different recruiter type databases and NONE were even close to RESUMate, especially for smaller recruiter firms, though RESUMate has no real size limit on how many recruiters can work within the system.  It is so easy and so amazingly functional and the ability to email or look up an entered candidate on LinkedIn...(so great) from within the candidates profile is a MUST for every recruiter.

This is a more old school simple to use program that has almost every imaginable feature, that will enhance your internal organizing of every facet of the process, and I mean every single thing imaginable and more.  The biggest thing is the detailed search in seconds...the "AND" or "OR" ability of finding matching skills (candidates) is incredible and in seconds.  You can find (for example) and engineer with A "OR" B skills "AND" C skills.  You can add what states to include or NOT include and you can add levels such as Directors or Managers and even more, all in one search (though as expected the results will be smaller the more you refine your search).  It is so comprehensive and easy and once you have the results you can X-OUT the candidates that do not qualify leaving you a group of real fit possibilities.  And all I can say is for the most part, it is fairly simple, as complex programs go.

As for their support, it is first rate.  I have been using RESUMate for about 3 years and I RARELY have a problem and if I am trying to do something a little different, they are right their to help.  You get a real person that knows the program inside out, no outsourced look up the answers in a book, tech response.  They do live webinars that I still occasionally take (they are only 30 minutes and they do about 5or 6 a month ) on different areas of the program... I learn or am reminded of a new trick or idea each time.

I am not getting paid and I have NO relationship to them whatsoever... I am honestly saying that RESUMate is so well thought out, so easy to use, so helpful in so many ways.

For the money (or at any price) it's unbeatable.  Quote2

photo-32Mark Gilbert, President of Technology Futures Inc. |  Miami, FL

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Our customers have given us a 5-star rating on Capterra, a leading directory of business software, for Ease of Use, Customer Service, and Overall Satisfaction.


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