RESUMate in the Cloud


 RESUMate In The Cloud

When your RESUMate database is stored on a cloud server, it can be accessed from any computer (Windows or Mac) anywhere in the world.  For a monthly fee, you’ll get a remote (or “virtual”) desktop that looks and acts just like the Windows desktop you already know how to use.

The Cloud works for multiple locations.  

If you need to share your RESUMate database with users in multiple locations, “the cloud” is what you’ll want to use.   As each user adds and changes records, the new information is immediately seen by all of the other users.

It also works for a single location.  

If you are a solo recruiter, you’ll no longer need local IT support that may be expensive or unavailable when something goes wrong.   No more worrying about backing up your data, viruses, hard drive crashes, and all that other bad stuff.

Here's what you get with RESUMate in the Cloud

 Your work desktop can be accessed from any location.

 Your data can be shared with users in other locations.

 Security and data protection are handled automatically.

 Back-up is automatic.

 All software updates are automatic.

 Adding or replacing a PC is simple. There's nothing to install or transfer because everything's already "in the cloud".

How to get started:

How to get started:

Step 1:  Purchase RESUMate.
Select either the Lite or Professional version and the number of users you require.

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Step 2:  Select a cloud hosting company.
Hosting prices range from $55 to $75 per user, per month, and typically include Microsoft Office as well as RESUMate.

There are many hosting companies to choose from, but we recommend the two listed below. Both of them have extensive experience with RESUMate and have strong reputations for quality technical support from many of our existing customers.

Pittsburgh, PA  |  (888) 631-2231

Application Solution Providers
Denver, CO  |  (866) 764-8324

Step 3:  We'll do the rest.
Just let us know the hosting company you've selected, and we’ll send the download links and registration data directly to them.  There is nothing more that you need to do.