Remote Access & Remote Desktop Installation


There are two primary ways to share the same RESUMate database from multiple locations.  The first is through remote desktop software like GoToMyPC or LogMeIn.  Typically, this works best if you have just one or two users who need remote access.

The second is to install and run RESUMate on Windows Server in virtual desktops and is usually the best option if you have multiple people in multiple locations who need to share the same RESUMate database.  If you or your organization already has a server with Remote Desktop Protocol, you can simply install RESUMate on it.  If you don't have your own server, we recommend using an applications hosting company.

Please note that we do not recommend using RESUMate remotely over a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Most commercial and residential broadband internet connections simply do not have enough bandwidth to share the RESUMate database file reliably.

Remote Access with GoToMyPC or LogMeIn

Remote access systems like GoToMyPC and LogMeIn allow you to control your PC from anywhere just as if you were sitting at it.  This is a secure, reliable and low cost option for anyone who needs to have one or two remote people access their RESUMate database.  It's also great for anyone who just wants to be able to access RESUMate from home or while on the road.

The only catch is that you will need to have an extra PC at your office for each person who connects remotely.  No one else will be able to use that PC while they're connected.  Both services cost about $10 per month, and we have satisfied RESUMate customers using each one.

To get started, first follow our Local Area Network installation instructions.  Then simply install GoToMyPC or LogMeIn on the computer where remote access is needed.


RESUMate 15  (version 15.4)
Release Date: 07/27/2015

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Installing RESUMate

Basic Remote Access



Hosted Remote Access


Application Solution Providers

Server Installation

Remote Access with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)/Windows Terminal Services

Remote Desktop Protocol (formerly Windows Terminal Services) is a way to create "virtual desktops" within the same server.  Each virtual desktop functions like a stand alone PC and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Installing on Your Own RDP Capable Server

You can use the same RESUMate install file can be used when installing RESUMate in a virtual desktop environment.  Be sure to go through the Add/Remove Programs option of Control Panel (or its equivalent) when running the install file.  DO NOT simply run the file without going through Control Panel or RESUMate will not run on other user accounts.

In most versions of Windows Server, the Control Panel will contain an option to "Install Application on Remote Desktop" that will allow you to browse to the "resumate-15-setup.msi" file.  You can also use the command line to temporarily set the server to install mode with "Change User /Install" (no quotes).  Once the application is installed, you'll need to switch out of install mode with "Change User /Execute" (again, no quotes).

RESUMate will run on:

Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2016

Hosted Applications

If you do not have your own server, there are a number of companies that provide excellent application hosting services.  We recommend two in particular, Applications 2U (Pittsburgh, PA) and Application Solution Providers (Denver, CO).

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